Strategic Partnerships, Aligned Values

All of our clients’ assets are managed in an “Open Architecture” format. We incorporated this flexible structure as it allows us to select and engage the very best and most appropriate managers in every asset class as strategic partners.

We place the assets in our clients’ portfolios with these top-tier managers, who have been carefully identified by our investment resource Group through extensive investigation in all relevant asset classes. Each approved external asset manager shares our client focus and our investment philosophy – and each delivers added value by applying their highly focused expertise to the goals of our clients.

Stringent Selection and Monitoring

We conduct rigorous due diligence on every manager selected. Our Investment Committee, made up of our firm’s most senior investment professionals, has sole approval of selected managers. These senior members evaluate candidates from the perspective of decades of relevant experience through many economic and market cycles. Once a client’s portfolio is in place, we continue our focused attention by maintaining a disciplined monitoring of each manager and each portfolio to assure our client’s investment goals are on track.

More About our Approach