Swatting aside ‘doubters,’ Joe Piazza uses an improbable hook to nab Wells Fargo private bankers -- pent-up Addepar lust

By Lisa Shidler, RIA Biz

Brooke’s Note: Three RIA story lines we have followed intensively in the past year are the 80 or more mostly engineers in Silicon Valley trying to reinvent wealth management software (Addepar), one hell-bent RIA custodian chief (Fidelity’s Mike Durbin) trying to bridge the seemingly unbridgeable asset gap to Schwab, and an old guy in San Francisco trying to revive an ancient brand name and make it a mega-RIA (70-year-old Joe Piazza). What fun to see this trio of stories collide in this article by Lisa Shidler in which she advances knowledge of all three.

It’s possible that Joe Piazza’s “Field of Dreams” approach to reviving the Robertson Stephens brand — that is, building a management team, brand and infrastructure ahead of building up assets — is working.


Anthony Lindner