Robertson Stephens ASSET MANAGEMENT provides strategic capital to our entrepreneurial clients helping them to grow their businesses and manage their liquidity needs at both the corporate and individual level.

the new ecosystem

Robertson Stephens Asset Management (RSAM) offers an entrée into next generation technology companies whose innovations provide highly attractive returns. We target emerging, high growth companies with significant scale and implement a flexible, progressive method to invest at the appropriate point in a company’s life cycle. In today’s landscape, companies are staying private for longer periods of time, placing new challenges on senior management with respect to various liquidity and funding needs. RSAM provides companies with what they need at each stage of their business: primary strategic capital; agency strategic capital; secondary investment between funding rounds; and a variety of structured internal platforms designed to offer liquidity solutions to employees and shareholders.



Our investment vehicles separate us from other wealth management firms by providing an additional conduit to deepening our client relationship. Being at the epicenter of people and ideas, we offer our domestic and international clients access to investments that they may not reach individually. Our flexibility allows them to invest in either a diversified fund or a direct investment. With RSAM’s powerful trinity - access, domain expertise and flexibility - we not only identify varied investments quickly, but also to take advantage of the emerging private capital market.


Private Companies
We provide growth capital and secondary liquidity at various stages of a company’s life cycle to employees and early investors.

Founders and Key Executives
We solve the liquidity needs of their long term employees through structured internal tenders and non-recourse personal loans.

Financial Sponsors
Our trade management platform communicates and executes venture capital distribution and secondary offerings for general
and limited partners.