August 31, 2022 – There’s little doubt that an increased focus on digital marketing from financial advisors is critical for their day-to-day activities. After all, 81% of financial advisors who use social media for business stated that they gained assets attributable to social media activity. And this is just social media, one cog in the wheel that is digital marketing.

Modern, strategic, and cost-effective, digital marketing is a communication strategy perfectly suited to the times. Adopting digital marketing strategies has multi-fold benefits for financial advisors, chief among them being the ability to tap into new markets and acquire more clients. Here’s an insight into which digital marketing channels can best help you amplify your growth as a financial advisor.

What Is Digital Marketing?

You may have mastered the nuances of traditional marketing tactics like cold-calling, seminars, client events, or in-person meetings. But, these processes of client acquisition have stark differences from digital marketing. While the former methods use direct contact to acquire clients, digital marketing uses multiple targeted strategies and channels to interact with prospective customers online. It’s a domain of marketing that exists solely on the internet, making use of its tools and platforms to promote campaigns that show up on devices like smartphones, computers, and tablets.

Digital marketing focuses on releasing good content and reaching out to potential clients, whether via digital advertisements, social media posts, podcasts, or e-newsletters. This warms them up to the idea of engaging you as their financial advisor. An effective marketing plan curated well can act as a catalyst to convert potential clients into sure-fire clients. There are several channels and strategies when it comes to digital marketing, but as a financial advisor, there are ones that are a must-have:

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