Independent, Innovative, Pioneering.


Robertson Stephens is a partnership, it is the core value of who we are.  We build enduring relationships with our clients and colleagues.


We insist that clients have a crystal clear view of their portfolio and a deep understanding of all the elements of their wealth management process.


Authenticity requires objectivity and awareness. Robertson Stephens is a values-driven firm, where candor and comportment are equally important as insight and economic benefit.  

Competitive Humility

We share a respectful will-to-win. The object is to win fairly and squarely, but we know to be exceptional, a winner’s discipline must be ingrained in the espirit de corps.

Our Four Pillars of Wealth Management

1. Independent

Process, not product.  No hidden fees.  No self-dealing in process.  Consultative - beyond fiduciary.

2. low cost beta combined with Unique alpha

Our considerable differentiator.  Unique alpha captured in private and public assets, accessed throughout our thoughtful, globally diversified client portfolios.  A combination of exclusive investments with leading edge risk management.

3.  Financial, tax and estate planning services

Comprehensive financial planning, reviewed annually.  With the inclusion of tax, estate and philanthropic strategies, the client is assured of a sophistication brought to bear matching the wealth at hand.

4.  innovative digital interface between our clients and their wealth

Consolidated, comprehensive and customizable.  Simple, elegant and safe reporting with a view of all your wealth, wherever you are.