Our Ethos

A better future for you

We are a fiduciary that leads with our investment strategy and provides comprehensive solutions on an innovative digital platform to our clients, including high net worth individuals and family offices.

What We Do

Access to Growth Economy

Institutional-quality alpha investments

Our roots in Silicon Valley combined with alternative investment experience translate to handpicked, well-researched opportunities that elsewhere, have a high barrier to entry. Robertson Stephens identifies qualified private opportunities for those looking for an innovative, yet rigorous approach to investment management. We understand what smart investors want and take a thoughtful and specialized approach.

Intelligent Digital Solutions

Take control of your financial life

Access and manage your financial accounts, on demand, and at any time. We are committed to using technology to maintain our position on the cutting edge of wealth management solutions. We deliver actionable insights straight to you based on your individual goals and aspirations. Our technology offering makes wealth management accessible, secure, and easy to implement.

Building Your Legacy

Wealth for the long term

Our firm is committed in partnership with you to help you realize the full potential of your wealth. Behind your investment portfolio are people, families, lifestyles and legacies to be cared for, tended to, and grown. We provide a suite of services that is virtually impossible to get in one place outside of a family office including a comprehensive life plan which covers trust, estate, tax, lending and philanthropic planning.

Executing in Your Best Interest

With an entrepreneurial mindset

Wealth Managers at Robertson Stephens are fiduciaries. We provide unbiased advice and our fees are completely transparent. Our clients have the confidence that their wealth managers are working solely in their best interest. Our depth and breadth of industry experience informs the decisions we make to build a solution tailored to our clients’ individual needs.

Focus on the client. Listen and respond with actionable and creative solutions. Use technology to communicate, leverage outcomes, and achieve success.

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