Frankie Corrado, CFP®, RLP

Managing Director, Principal

Frankie is a Principal and Managing Director at Robertson Stephens. Alongside his father, Frank Corrado, CPA, CFP®, RLP and Kevin Talty, CFP®, EA, Frankie guides clients towards peace of mind and the freedom that comes from financial security in a comprehensive plan. As a Certified Financial Planner™, Frankie combines his technical finance experience with authentic and curious listening skills to develop trusted, long term relationships focused on the client’s optimal desired outcomes. With over a decade of experience advising individuals and families, Frankie feels comfortable whether the discussion focuses on complex areas of taxation and personal finance or problem solving to reach important goals and priorities. As a Registered Life Planner (RLP), Frankie feels particularly equipped to bridge the gap that often exists between someone’s optimal life and their money.

Prior to joining Robertson Stephens, Frankie was a co-founder and Financial Life Guide for Blue Blaze Financial Advisors in Holmdel, NJ where he worked with clients on a wide variety of short and long term strategic planning areas. Frankie started his career advising and tax planning for ultra-high net worth families at Andersen Tax.

Frankie earned his Bachelor of Science in Finance from the Carrol School of Management at Boston College. He currently serves as the President of the Board of Directors for the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners, a non-profit organization of fee only, comprehensive financial planners committed to being fiduciaries for their clients. As a member of the board, Frankie has negotiated contracts, developed long term strategic initiatives, and worked closely with other members of the planning community to increase fiduciary planning opportunities worldwide. Frankie and his wife Sarah live in Red Bank, NJ and recently welcomed their first child into the world. A self-described “Adventure-Seeker”, Frankie can often be found testing his own mettle– whether that is climbing to the top of mountains, learning to cook new, exotic cuisines, or speaking in front of large audiences. If it gets him outside of his comfort zone, he’s into it.