January 22, 2020 – Our goal at Robertson Stephens is to build long-term wealth through institutional-quality alpha generating investments, digital efficiency, and visionary life plans—all within a fiduciary relationship defined by transparency, unbiased advice, and the freedom to put the client’s interests above our own.

We understand the personnel and service infrastructure needed to preserve capital and manage wealth. We also understand the steep costs and intense time commitment required to open a family office. That is why our business is designed to deliver the benefits of a family office to clients while sparing them from the challenges that come with opening one.

Embracing the Client’s Best Interest

At Robertson Stephens, we see independence as vital to our identity. As fiduciaries, we seek the best investment options for our clients, placing their interests entirely before our own. Being unconflicted also means we don’t seek to dictate the course for our investors, but rather help them discover their true goals and the path to reach them. We don’t believe a client’s worth is determined by a balance sheet; we treat everyone with equal importance and recognize that complications occur at all income levels. Our advisors pursue personal bonds over institutional ones. It is all part of our commitment to prioritizing the integrity of the client relationship above all else.

Building Distinct Investment Portfolios

For investors, our goal is to build highly-customized portfolios and offer diversified access to unique alternative investments. As a San Francisco-based wealth management firm, we use an acute knowledge of technology and the growth economy to seek exclusive opportunities. Clients gain access to our industry networks and growth economy connections, as well as our deep understanding of the IPO landscape and Silicon Valley culture. We are highly attuned to changes in the marketplace and the need to shift portfolio allocations according to sector, asset, geographical and market capitalization trends.

Tackling the Complexities of Financial Planning

Robertson Stephens offers comprehensive financial planning to build legacies and protect wealth while accommodating the complex family and relationship dynamics we know are behind each portfolio. We serve as financial planners to individuals, but also as consultants to investors grappling with the extensive demands of running a family office. We help family offices identify the service providers best suited for their level of sophistication, minimizing costs and eliminating potential friction.

Advocating Digital Advancements

We believe in better data and advanced technology that increases transparency for clients—and also minimizing manual paperwork. Our goal is to fully digitize our advisor-client workflow, allowing clients to seize control of their account management with simplified transactions, electronic signatures and boosted security. Our multi-channel communications technology will ultimately aggregate all digital client information into one integrated application, replacing inefficient systems that are still widely used by the industry. We want our clients to easily understand fee origination and to quickly determine how they are progressing in relation to their stated goals.



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